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I've always been drawn to vanishing arts, such as lace-making and tatting. Many years ago, I became interested in braiding leather reins. Not long after I learned that craft, my husband's 31-year-old horse died. I gathered the tail hair and learned to braid horsehair so we could have a keepsake of our old friend. This sparked my interest in the western arts, and I set out to learn more about leather work. As my skills evolved, I joined up with a local saddle repair shop and worked there for four years, improving my craftsmanship and knowledge.


Custom Saddlery

Hand-braided Reins

Tack Repairs

Shoe and Boot Repair


Original Design Services

Custom Boots



Knife Sheaths

Motorcycle Leathers


And Much More....



I take pride in my work and love providing customers with exactly what they want. It is my customers who keep me challenged and fascinated with this work. I never know what project might walk in my door on any given day. That's the beauty of it.I've worked on a cello case, a rocking horse, custom medical device cases, kneeboards for a helicpter pilot. ski boots and many other unusual items. Give me a call, you never know what can be created or repaired.


"I wonder if I can do that?" is always a refrain in my head when I see things I like, and it was that self-challenge that finally led me to venture into saddle-making. I made a couple of saddles and found that I really enjoyed it. I  then took a saddle-making class to hone my skills.

In 2010, I built my own shop in its current location near my home. I also set out to learn more about shoe repair, since there seemed to be quite a demand. In 2012, I was given the opportunity to learn custom boot-making and have since added that to my list of services.

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